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[resurrection day preparation] | Ryan Johnson

We are not celebrating Easter this coming Sunday, we are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.  Easter is about bunnies, eggs, and the harvest.  Resurrection Day is about the dead Son of God having life breathed into Him again by the Holy Spirit so that His sacrifice would be validated, so that it would have the stamp of God’s approval on it.  That is what this Sunday is about.

In preparation for this Sunday, many Christians like to meditate on the Cross and what it meant at the point in history.  Yom Kippur, or the Hebrew Day of Atonement, was a sacred day for the nation of Israel.  Like Passover, the Year of Jubilee, and other Hebrew holidays, New Testament Christians can look back to the institution of the Day of Atonement and find a fulfillment of it in the Cross of Jesus.  At Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington they have produced a short, but intense video to help prepare us to feel the joy that should be felt at the Resurrection.  Watch this video and prepare to be shocked:

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